Official PhotoS & VIDEO

(Kudos and all rights to

Check out for the Google Photos album (it's about 2000 pictures, so get your coffee ready!). Those are low-res, so if you want high-resolution (e.g. for printing), let me know and I can provide them to you.

You can also find the short movie that was made for us, we personally find it a great snapshot of the different feelings we experienced throughout this wonderful day. Find it at: (password: "nabis studio 01" - yes, with the spaces)


Guest & Honeymoon PHOTOS

I am collecting Guest's (and my) photos from the ceremony and the honeymoon in this Google Photos album. The album is collaborative so feel free to add your pictures in there, all you need is a Google account! Ping me if you have any issues!

Thanks to everyone who was there and for your gifts that helped make the honeymoon such a dream!


Social networks

During the wedding we asked guests to use the  #loviesLife hasthag to tag the best moments :)

Thank you all for participating, we love you all. You made this day indescribably beautiful. This is the result on the different social networks: 

#loviesLife Facebook timeline

#loviesLife Instagram feed

#loviesLife Twitter feed